BUYING A BIKE FROM CBE  For insurance reasons, we are not a formal dealer in bikes.  We do have a consignment program wherein we price bikes with our customers and collect a 20% consignment fee once the sale is complete.  The deal and the paperwork, however, is ultimately between the buyer and seller.  We do our best to represent the condition of the machine and establish a fair market value but, sadly, do not have X-ray eyes and there is no warranty stated or implied.   We can assist in shipping and receiving bikes as well.  Work required for repairs and upgrades before or after the sale are extra of course.  Mostly, we try to take the risk out of buying a classic.

As for our project bikes, these are “cores” that you buy directly from Jack’s stock as a personal sale.  You can then contract with CBE for any work and restoration you’d like.




For those of you familiar with the origins of CBE, Nick and Jack built a 74 Norton into a custom cafe build (called Gus…long story) that was an instant hit and become the basis for our signature color scheme and builds. Fast forward a few years and with the help of Legendary Motorcycles in Florida to help with custom tank and seat and a twinkle in Jack’s eye about how a set of Norton SS pipes might look with rearsets and a fairing, well, this sweetheart was born. It is not quite finished, but the core motor, frame, iso, wheels, brakes, etc. are done. Ergo, this is a build-to-suit bike if you’d like to take it in another direction. Plan on $15 to $20+K to get what you want. And, as always, you are welcome to work on the bike in our shop. Call for further details.

Jack’s Custom “GUS II” Norton Cafe