The Classic Bike Guild at CBE

Our journey at CBE has evolved over the years and we are pleased to now host the Classic Bike Guild, or simply The Guild for short. The Guild goes back to our roots as a vintage motorcycle enthusiasts club and rents shop space from CBE. There are various levels depending upon project level, skills and time available.

Members with major projects rent a gurney or lift with monthly dues ranging from $100 to $250 per month. Members who come to our regular wrench nights and other times to work on guild projects or lend a hand to other members pay dues of $25 per month. We have limited storage space, but some members store their bikes here for $50 per month and can work on them as well, although at floor level. All tools and equipment are provided, including internet access and, of course, the after hours beer fridge. New inductees sign a legal release and share housekeeping responsibilities with everyone else.

The group is very cohesive and benefits from the wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. Skills, know how, don’t-know-how, encouragement and bad jokes are shared with equal ease. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own project, but there is always a helping hand (and plenty of opinions) available. While many of the bikes are vintage, and many of those British, we do have modern bikes in the mix, which changes regularly.

Parts and services are sourced through CBE and Nick acts as your onsight parts counter. CBE has an extensive number of suppliers and dealer status with most. The shop has in-house sand blasting, parts cleaning, commercial polishing equipment, a 450 degree oven, unltrasonic cleaner, metalworking equipment and other capabilities. A core group of trusted suppliers provide paint, powder coating, machining, welding, etc.

Our space is limited, but welcome visitors most any time. If you think the Guild might be for you, drop by some Wednesday night and see what it is all about.