ALTON Generators

Alton 12 volt A.C. generators replace the 3 inch dynamos fitted on British classic and vintage motorbikes. While running at moderate cruising speeds they supply an output of 85 – 90 watts (max output 150 watts). They supply sufficient energy to have lighting that conforms to modern expectations, coil ignition (if you want it) and a well-charged battery.

Using permanent magnet brushless technology, Alton has created a maintenance-free, easy-to-fit-solution to the problems associated with dynamos.

Alton generators are designed to be a authentic looking as possible, right down to the logo, so they will not look out of place. They have tried to match the form with out sacrificing the function. They have the same dimensions as the original dynamos with a close to genuine appearance. Each model is supplied with a mounting kit ensuring it fits into the same space as the original part.

The main difference is weight, with the Alton generator at 1.3 kilos (about 3 lbs) against the typical dynamo weighing in at ta hefty 3 kilos (well over 6 lbs).

Installation is simple- full instructions and wiring diagrams are provided. The rectifier regulators are for negative earth systems and again instructions are supplied showing how to do it.

*, Alton is available by telephone and email to answer any technical questions and offer English speaking back-up and two years guarantee.

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