Tumbling AFTERFar and away, we do more Commando motors than any other.  We build the motors more or less to original specs with “new metal” in the normal places for a rebuild.  As with all major jobs, we write a detailed spec on what exactly will be done and what upgrades are to be included.  There are quite a few differences in the model years from 69 to 75 – along with some known defects and shortcomings – that we will advise you on as part of the build.   Plan on $3500 +/- for a motor redo.  For those of you keen on a race motor, we collaborate with Kenny Cummings at NYC Norton.

Norton rebld page picThe Commando gearbox (not transmission, please….a transmission in Brit-speak is your primary) has been around a long time and transferred power on many machines.  It can be a tad humbling at times for those doing it for the first time.  Our service includes teardown, inspection, replacement of all bearings and seals, upgrades as requested and repairs as needed.  Plan on $350 or so if it just needs bearings and seals.  More if you want tumbling, polishing, new fasteners and/or stuff needs to be replaced.



pro2Over the years, 90% of issues we have had with warranty issues (including oil leaks) has ended up being cylinder head related.  The Norton head is a complex little beastie with many variations in configurations over the years and plenty of manufacturing defects to ruin your day.  We have therefore teamed with Memphis Motor Works to provide you first class rebuilds that include the following features.  What’s his name at MMW has over 40 years of experience with these heads, including a tour at the Norton factory back in the day.  Nuf said.




The Norton caliper is a signature element of the later Commandos.  With a few mechanical changes the brakes can go from being “wooden” and a tad homely, to effective and snappy looking.

Calipers are a pain to rebuild if you don’t have the right tools and you risk damaging the unit.  Drilled discs do help with heat, water dissipation (you don’t ride your Norton in the rain, though right?), but mostly look sharp.  The 13mm conversion is the biggest bang for the buck as it gives a much better mechanical advantage and creates a solid feel.  Stainless Steel lines are custom ordered for you based upon your bike, bars, and if you want clear or colored coverings.  Black, for example, makes the lines look a bit stock line, but improves performance by removing the “sponge” feel of rubber.  We rebuild your actual caliper, but do off the shelf exchanges for Master Cylinders and discs.

  • Rebuild Caliper
    • New Stainless Steel pistons (we don’t use plated parts)
    • New seals
    • New bleed screw
    • Polished or PC’d outer cover
    • Polish to Level III
    • Caliper Rebuild:  $195
      – New pads; add $25
      – Stainless steel brake line; add $100 (custom for your bike)
  • Disc drilled and powder coated
    • Exchange:  $95
    • Core charge:  $55
  • Master Cylinder resleeve (13mm)
    • With exchange:  $295
    • Core charge:  $50