Alton Generators

Alton 12 volt generators replace the 3 inch dynamos fitted on British classic and vintage motorbikes. While running at moderate cruising speeds they supply an output of 85 to 90 watts (maximum output of 150 watts) and supply sufficient energy to have lighting that conforms to modern expectations, coil ignition if you want it and a well-charged battery.

Using permanent magnet brushless technology, Alton has created a maintenance-free, easy-to-fit solution to the problems associated with dynamos. The rectifier regulator can be wired for positive or negative ground systems. As you are converting to 12V systems, the power loss through the 6V wiring loom is reduced and you therefore only need to upgrade the bulbs and bulb holders.

Detailed instructions are supplied and installation is straightforward for the hobbyist mechanic. In all cases we are available by telephone and email to answer any technical questions along with the standard Alton two year guarantee.