Powder Coating

We are often asked about Powder Coating vs painting when it comes to cycle parts.  Bottom line is we have standardized on PC for all non “tins”, that is, everything except the tank, side covers and fenders.  Gloss black is obviously common, but we also do a good job matching the original silver bits like triple trees.  Our Powder Coating vendor, MotoFAb, is owned by Miles Hubert, a long time racer dude.  He does PC work to support his track days habit.  One major advantage to working with Miles is that he knows bikes, knows frames and can spot defects are repair them as part of the refinishing process.  His pink-tongued, tail wagging buddy Zeke makes his pick up and deliveries to CBE a treat.


Pricing varies depending upon the bike, number of bits, repairs etc. but you can expect to pay between $500 and $750 as part of a restoration project.


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