The ‘59er comes back to life!

Not often do you get to see a genuine 700cc Enfield Indian Chief

It’s even more rare to see one running after 40 years of hibernation. And the smile on Steve H’s face as he let out the clutch? Epic. Steve has had the bike at the shop for many months as a Guild project. He even made some new cyber friends in the UK as we sorted out the machine and got things checked and adjusted. The motor was pretty tight, the monobloc Amal carb cleaned up nicely, and after some distributor parts arrived from Hitchcock’s, the motor came to life on the lift. 

Special Day at CBE

After a bit more time making sure brakes and all worked, we married up a slave Commando fuel tank and set him off in the parking lot. Yeah, two spins around the lot and then he was off on Route 15. Didn’t even bring his cell phone! 

700cc Enfield Indian Chief

And now? 

How much and how far will he get into it? Stay tuned 🙂