CBE has had its share of media exposure.  We were blessed early on with Jeff Ladelaydner’s account of his father’s Norton restoration in The Norton Project and that really put us on the map.  That led to things like the Café Racer TV series.  Great fun, but 15 minutes of fame meant a lot of time and effort on our part – all worth it, but don’t need to jump in to reality TV again anytime soon.

We’ve continued to have some nice press coverage, which we have shared below.  As long as we don’t end up on the police blotter, we’ll take all the visibility we can get.


Great show that has lasted many seasons.  We were in season two, when the show was getting its legs.  Our story of building two bikes for The Hot Rod Hotel in NY was carried over three episodes.   Click on the image to see our TV debut!.  More info on www.caferacertv.com.


Local TV station invited us in for show and tell.  We were all set up to do an outside broadcast, but the mikes didn’t work so at the last minute we wheeled the bikes into the studio and up a 6 inch ramp with about 90 seconds to spare.  They did a nice job.  The whole thing was a blur until we saw it later.



Had never heard of these guys, but the well-heeled have and they did a nifty write up on restoring old bikes.


Another classy motorhead magazine and a nice back page article on one of the bikes we did for Café Racer.


This is a hi quality regional publication that caters to mostly food, dining, interior decorating, craftsman and generally the Vermont experience. Likely the first and last motorcycle article, but well written and lots of nice feedback.

Motorcycle Vermont

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