For most customers, CBE offers RMS services, which stands for Reliability, Maintainability and Safety.  This typically involves making sure the engine and power train are in good working order, upgrades to key systems like ignition and brakes, and replacement of all the aged stuff like tires, hoses and so on.  The goal is a good looking patina bike that will start on the first or second kick for that two hour Sunday ride.

Restorations, by definition, are a much more involved process as typically the entire machine is disassembled, all surfaces are refinished and, when in doubt, parts are replaced.  While some customers desire a “bone stock” restoration, the majority are willing and eager to do appropriate upgrades in the areas of electronics, brakes and fuel systems.  For example, a resleeved master cylinder has the same outward appearance as the stock unit, but greatly enhanced stopping power.

We like documentation.  Things that are written down and under some form of revision control keep the project and process on track.  As many of our customers are “from away”, it helps manage expectations as well.  CBE uses two main pieces of documentation, a specification/statement of work (SOW) and a cost estimate.  All restorations, café bikes and major RMS projects are required to have an SOW and Cost Estimate.  For $300, CBE will prepare a formal assessment of your bike and provide you with these two documents.  You can then have us do the work, you can do the work, or come combination therein.  Click on the image to see samples of these documents.

“How much will it cost?” is always a major question.  So, the attached spreadsheets will give you some pro forma tools to play with in estimating major projects.  CBE offers fixed priced labor on major builds and various subsystems like motors and gearboxes to help minimize your cost risk.