Rusty tank internals are the bane of many classic restoration projects.  You – and we – have tried just about everything as hobbyists:  sheet rock screws shaken around, acid sloshing, other rust removing chemicals and maybe a home brew or two.  All have several things in common – they are crude, they don’t do a complete job and you have no way to know if you got all the rust.  Not to mention potential damage to the tank and/or paint.


Nick has come up with a simple Mr. Wizard process that uses environmentally friendly electrolyte and a controlled current/voltage power supply to “fool the tank into rusting in reverse” as he is so famously quoted as saying on Cafe Racer TV.


It really, really works well.  Not the fastest process, but it does get ALL the rust.  How do you know?  Easy, no more current and no more deposits on the annode.  It normally takes two cycles to get the tank done completely.  This process will also remove an old liner, but takes a bit longer.


We charge $110 for this service plus shipping. Please add $25 if your tank has a liner.  Nick goes through more coffee and donuts on those tanks.

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