In 2015 Crocker, one of our Guild guys, put the logistics together for us to go to New Hampshire Motor Speedway and take part in a track day put on by Fishtail Riding School.Well, we are severely hooked as a result.  If you have never done a track day, put it on your bucket list.  We did and found that after one session, we needed to find more buckets so we could do it again.  We ended up doing 3 in 2015 with plans to do many more.The team at Fishtail provides both classroom and on-track instruction that is superb.  You can learn lot more about their programs on their website, but suffice to say that they welcome all newbies, including those with hand-build classic British iron.  They stress the “family” nature of the ground that has been around for a long time and we felt right at home.

But, mostly, it is about learn to ride your bike smooth and fast on a great course.  Yes, a bit nerve-racking the first time, but soon you realize is it s heck of lot safer – and tons more fun – than riding on the street.

To join us for our track days, you simply sign up with Fishtail on their website for the TBD dates we plan on going.  You can bring your bike to CBE to have it checked out for track day compliance and pick up some tips from our experience.  We’ll let you know what our logistics plan is in terms of travel, lodging, meals etc.  Plenty of tools and support as well.