Even when Classic Bike Experience was made famous in the “Norton Project” video they kept their feet firmly on the ground – unless test riding a bike! Jack and the gang have never wavered in their policy of customer satisfaction and doing the job right. In taking on the Alton eStart kits for Norton Commandos, they offer in house service, and tech support the entire way if you install one yourself.

These are interesting times for vintage British motorcycle enthusiasts, and your dream hobby and/or every day transportation can be realized with the help of Classic Bike Experience.

Suzi Greenway

Suzi G, El Presidente’, INOA US
President, International Norton Owners Assoc.

CBE services several hundred customers a year and, over time, not everyone is going to be happy.  Our customers are incredibly understanding and appreciate that 40+ year old machines (and even older mechanics) often take some time to get dialed in properly and, even so, can still have issues.  And yes, we make mistakes…plenty of them.  But our company culture is to collaborate, do in-house QA checks and balances, and strive to improve continuously in our craft.  We – and our customers – have seen the benefits of that approach over time.  Looking back, however, we have disappointed customers when we have not managed expectations properly and/or did not make the necessary arrangements to have the customer on site at CBE to review hi-end work that ultimately did not meet their expectations.   Thankfully, major screw-ups are quite few and far between.


When Doug and I decided after a long separation to marry in 1968, he announced “Oh, and by the way, a few months ago I bought a 1967 BSA Victor.”  His timing was perfect as I was swept up in our engagement and too busy to worry about becoming a biker.  It turns out that the 441 Victor was our greatest source of entertainment in those early years as we discovered the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts riding the back roads together.

Doug and Sue’s T140E