KickMagic Triumph Pneumatic Starter Kit for 1963-1967 650's

KM T650-6367
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This kit is designed for 1963-1967 Triumph 650 motorcycles.

PLEASE NOTE: 1963 to 1966 bikes were fitted with 6Vdc systems that MUST BE UPGRADED to 12 Vdc. Feel free to call Tech Support for help.

The system comes partially pre assembled for ease of installation and includes:

  • Dash assembly with integrated cable and connector,
  • Starter control unit (SCU) with mounting provision for inside the battery side cover,
  • Proximity sensor with integrated cable and connector,
  • Solenoid assembly with integrated cable/connector and pneumatic fittings & lines,
  • Main cable assembly, including power pigtail,
  • Combination shaft with leaf chain and clevis, including two new kick start shaft bolts,
  • Pneumatic actuator with mounting plate and fasteners,
  • Miscellaneous fasteners,
  • User manual and KickMagic one-year warranty registration,

The above system is compatible for immediate use with shop air.

On-board air supply options are based upon the size of storage tank selected and whether you will be placing it within your own saddle compartment, tool bag or a KickMagic custom satchel.

Please select from the following for a complete on-board air supply:

  • 50, 68 or 90 cu inch air tank, which is fitted with a KickMagic specified high flow regulator. These are produced by Ninja, a leading US manufacturer of paintball/airsoft products, and come with their own Ninja warranty.
  • Low Pressure Regulator with a safety quick disconnect coupling.
  • 50 cu in KickMagic Leather Satchel (optional). The satchel is specifically designed for theses air tanks and regulators. No satchel is available for the 68 or 90 cu in tank as they are too large to mount behind the seat and should be placed in a saddle bag of your choice.
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