Once they were Kings, A Two and a Three

These two vintage British motorcycles were once considered kings of the roost in the 1970s at the dawning of the superbike era.

Having owned The Classic Bike Experience for 15+ years, I have enjoyed repairing, restoring, and riding a wide range of vintage British motorcycles from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. These two are from my own collection and I have decided to sell them, encouraging some lucky buyer to keep them together as a pair. Handsome as they are, these motorcycles are riders, first and foremost, not display bikes. They took years to build and evolve to what I have envisioned as my “Two and a Three” in the driveway.

I’m hoping to find a knowledgeable and appreciative collector who would own and ride them regularly. They are not hanger queens. Why am I selling them? I own a lot of motorcycles, and have a second Norton/Triumph pair to ride. But in truth, I am an admirer of all things classic British. Each year, I attend and showcase Classic Bike Experience motorcycles at the annual British Invasion, a three-day event in Stowe, Vermont that celebrates British culture and mostly classic British motorcars.

Photograph by Sicnag

At this year’s event I caught a bug, not COVID. I got infected with lust for another kind of Triumph, the classic TR6 sportscar, preferably in blue or green, now added to my bucket list. I owned a TR4A in grad school so the TR6 virus has lain dormant for many years, but it finally caught hold. So, I envision swapping out my 1974 Triumph T150 Trident and my 1972 Norton Commando Café Racer to provide the funding. Maybe, in a perfect world, there’s a buyer who owns a TR6 and has always wanted two superb vintage British motorcycles.

Kind regards,
Jack Manning, Owner, The Classic Bike Experience LLC, Essex, Vermont
email: jack@classicbikeexperience.com
phone: 802-878-5383